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RFID for Appliances

  • RFID solution for each unit of an approved appliance under a program is required to have a unique serial number (EESL Serial Number). This procedure provides vital information regarding the population and the degree of efficiency made available by manufacturers and traders in the market.
  • An improved system in controlling serial numbers were identified, thus the decision of integrating an RFID in each label has been reached to provide efficient control and recording as well as improved identification of each unit during market surveillance.


Refrigerates / freezers

Clothes washing machines and dryers

Water heaters

Dish washers

Television panels

Vacuum cleaners

Motor pumps

Electric ovens


Safe tag is an RFID tag designed for tires for identification and protect tires from counterfeit. Nano-Technology rubber coating for RFID is ideal for tire because of superior performance and durability for all types of environment. Providing tires with RFID tags which can withstand tire speed revolution, under heat, rain, and harmful UV rays.


  • Nano Technology rubber outlasts laminated paper, ordinary rubber, acrylic and thermoplastic coatings.
  • Creates a shield of protection with Nano-Technology for RFID tags
  • Engineered for harsh environments.
  • Lightweight and smooth non-abrasive texture.
  • No impact on tire application

The next phase solution of RFID Integrated Labels for tires:

  • Have the same capability of RFID Sticker paper but will be in Silicone rubber.
  • Permanent tracking of tire information will be available even after installation to vehicle
  • The permanent RFID rubber tag is not abrasive to the tire and the method is a non-buffing method.
  • The tag will last for at least 3 years which will help compliance information to consumers and authorities

High technology-grade, secure implementation

Total Solution Approach for RFID Smart Management System

High technology-grade, secure implementation

Total Solution Approach for RFID-ESSL

Detailed solution approach for RFID-EESL smart management system

Connect to Any Data Source

  • Can easily integrate with via APIs or via Database access
  • User Friendly Graphic User Interface
  • Uses no coding feature on integration, a drag and drop feature to integrate with any system like Oracle or SAP
  • Can easily connect Devices like printers, Sensors (RFID, UWB, BLE, etc.), Databases, Existing IT Systems, APIs, Gateways, etc.

Note:  Please find “Main Process of Printing & Encoding Flow” which details the Printing, Automation Encoding and its Quality Assurance Flow.

Analyze All Data to Generate Insights

  • Manage in one printer machine of more than 100,000 label printing and encoding minimum per day of serial numbers from Client to be assigned to RFID serials.
  • Initiates printing of large numbers of QR codes on RFIDs and batching them for shipment.
  • Batching can also be assigned if for Delivery or Pickup.
  • It has capabilities to manage Production Planning, Quality Assurance and Tracking.

Automate Processes To Create Efficiencies

  • Deploy automated processes that streamline operations.

  • For Pickup, a que system is provided in the Customer Happiness Center in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

  • For Delivery, enables shipment and tracking of orders. Vehicles are provided with GPS for routing and tracking of delivery.

  • Fleet management capabilities allow effective management of fleet, people and optimal routing in order to meet 48 hours or less from Client initiation.

Visualize KPIs and Other Vital Information

  • Access data from anywhere on any device on beautiful, customized Client dashboards for viewing Franchise services.

  • Provides daily statistics which create intelligence within the provider’s organization by utilizing Big Data analytics to optimize decision making.

  • Set events to send Emails, SMS, or other notifications when certain KPI is not met for real time improvement of services.

  • Predictive statistics in KPI’s to allow forecasting in giving the best service to the Client.

Platform Fulfilment Process

Integrated Business Process Automation

  • Define Business Workflows in an Agile Environment
  • Define Business Rules conditions and data model which drive the rules
  • Runtime capabilities to publish and run multiple business models
  • Version and change models through the system
  • Agile Workflows using BPEL
  • Workflow Designer
  • Agile Data Modeling
  • Business Rules Engine
  • Decision Engine
  • Access Policies Management
  • Mobile Enabled

Customer Happiness Center Feedback and Reports

  • Feedback and Happiness measurement

  • Audit logs, KPIs

  • Customer Happiness Centers

Main Process of Printing, Encoding Flow & Quality Control (QC)


  • Serial No. for RFID tags by providing the details below

  • Model No. / Brand Name of the product

  • Quantity of Serail No. required

  • Indication of pick-up or delivery

  • Data needs to be downloaded from the customer network

Stage 2: RFID Tag Printing Process

  • Software function 1

  • Open the data file

  • Import data by line to database
  • The order of rows remains unchanged
  • Software function 2

  • Generate RFID EPC data and 2D barcode data according to rows of database
  • Software function 3

  • Use the RFID printer for encoding and printing
  • Each Label encode EPC data first, and then the surface prints 2D barcode
  • Encode and print in line order

Stage 3: Quality control (QC) Process

  • Software function 4(QC)

  • Configure 2D scanner and RFID reader at printer exit

  • Scan 2D barcode and read EPC, compare in software

  • Results ok :

  • mark this line complete

  • Go to packaging process

  • Results fail:

  • mark this line not complete

  • Mark this label, then print and replace again

  • Go to the RFID tag printing process

Stage 4: Finished packing

  • The figure below is a wrapper reference chart

  • The inner part of the winding is forbidden to stick the adhesive tape on the surface material

  • The outer layer of the finished product is wrapped in release paper (inside the parting surface)

  • The finished product is packed into an antistatic bag and then packed into the carton

  • The outer box label needs to indicate the customer data file name, and the internal RFID tag corresponds to the customer data file

Optional Services by Fanna Technology

Fanna Technology’s capability also is to provide, help and assist Clients’ Warehousing Management in tracking and monitoring like appliances, warehouse staff, warehouse vehicles and machineries

.  (This option is chargeabl

Fanna Technology can provide optional 50” Visualization Display in ESMA office.

To monitor, track & visualize in real time the quality control, numbers of labels issued & delivered, including customer happiness report.

Commitment by Fanna Technology

Fanna Technology will provide Staffs and Personnel indicated in the Organization of Customer Happiness Center